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When it comes to cleaning the furnishings of your home or office, Sealmaster's technical staff is some of the most knowledgeable in the industry. Sealmaster provides the finest in both steam cleaning and dry cleaning services, utilizing the latest techniques to create healthy, fresh surroundings in your home.


Sealmaster will pick-up, disinfect, clean, seal, and store your outdoor cushions and umbrellas. Call 847-480-SEAL (7325) for details.

Carpeting/Area Rugs

Sealmaster has been trained to work on the most exquisite floor coverings, whether it is wool or nylon fibers to silk, linen, or faux silk.


Sealmaster's technicians have been known to clean some of the world's most beautiful fabrics manufactured. We specialize in the care and maintenance of silks, velvets and chenilles, wools and mohairs, naturals, and synthetics. Our staff works hard to determine the cleanability of newly manufactured fibers on an ongoing basis.

Upholstered Fabric Walls

Sealmaster specializes in cleaning fabric wallcoverings, whether upholstered from silk or synthetic fabrics.

Recreational Vehicles/Yachts

Our technicians clean carpeting, as well as furnishings in living areas and sleeping quarters.

Please make us aware of any allergies or sensitivities your family may have so we can be sure that the safest cleaning solutions available are used in your home or work environment. "Green chemicals," as well as antimicrobials, are available.